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Home » WoW Rogue Guide – How to Improve & Level Lockpicking in Litchking

WoW Rogue Guide – How to Improve & Level Lockpicking in Litchking

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WoW Rogue Guide – How to Improve & Level Lockpicking in Litchking

WoW Rogue Guide – How to Improve & Level Lockpicking in Litchking

Rogues have that special skill that no other class in the World of Warcraft possesses. They are the only ones who can lockpick. It is the ability to open locks. If you played a Rogue during the Burning Crusade then you could have leveled it up to 375. Since wrath of the Lich King was released, the skill cap is now increased to 400. You might be wondering, where does a Rogue learn lockpicking in WOW with the Lich King expansion? Well this is a WOW Rogue guide on lockpicking for Rogues from the perspective of the class.

WoW Rogue Lockpicking WoW Rogue Lockpicking Skill Leveling Build

When you want to level lockpicking you should use aWoW Rogue Lockpicking WoW Rogue Lockpicking Build. Pick Lock at first until you get level 15. After that you should use Bombardment at level 16. When you are at level 18 you should use Enshock at level 18. Your final lockpicking skill should be around 40.

When you have 40 lockpicking skill you should then pickPocket at 15. You should use this skill when you are level 20. Legion of Steel should be used every other level after you have reached 40. When you have the final skill level that is offered by WoW you should then chose Night Thieves.

Night Thieves Lockpicking WoW Rogue Lockpicking Guide

This WOW Rogue lockpicking guide states that the Rogue classes have exceptionally high lockpicking skills and they are the best developers of this skill. So use them! If you want to level up your lockpicking then opt for the Night Thieves trait. This will accelerating the speed of your lockpicking and increasing the amount of experience points you get.

After you have increased your skill to around 150 you should then head to the silver city to level it up to 175. Same way for the Blackwhelp Rogues in order for you to get to their haven. When you get there, you shouldze off after night evoking it or else it will aggro you.

Ringkey Rogues should increase their lockpicking skills to around 250. When you reach this stage you should then head to the Riplock bag which is located inside the Blackwhelp Inn. When you reach around level 250 you should then begin using Roulette to increase your lockpicking skill by around 50 points.

For increasing your lockpicking skills you should then try using it on the next level door. You can do this until you get all the lockpicking skill points that you need. If you enter the Deadmines around level 16 you should then be able to increase your lockpicking skill by around 65. It should be noted that increasing your lockpicking skills until around 125 is unnecessary. You can just agility it up to 125 and go through the locked chests located in the Deadmines.


Increasing your knowledge in lockpicking should then be done via increasing your attack and damage. You should increase your expertise in stealing various items. This can be done via Gnomes, Dwarves, Draenei, and most live players. The lockpicking skills that you gain from these are the ones that you can use. 

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When you get to theDeadmines early in the game, there are chests that are locked. You can open those boxes to get valuable items, lockboxes full of rare items, recipes, and lockboxes that are empty. Those empty lockboxes are usually near those powerful chests, so take them and open them up. You will find various items, add-ons, and gold as well that will help you in your lockpicking tasks.

As you level up, you should increase your skills from what you find, buy, or make by using lockpicking tools. You can buy lockpicking tools at around copper to silver. If you buy the silver ones, make sure to use them, too. Copper which you can mine yourself should be used in the mining skill. When you are just starting out, you will mostly see other gamers stealing carts to sell, and selling them at a great price at the Auction House. Try your skill level and see where it lands first.

If you want to find other gamers, you can ask around. Jewelcrafting is a good one to train, and it isn’t the most expensive to train. With this skill, you have to defeat!) But the chests are big, and they carry the smallest loot. Training in knife fighting is a bad choice because there are no chests to steal. The is however, because you can jump on the back of the cart and knock your enemy off the cart. He will then say yes or yes to challenge you.

When you have made enough gold, you can then proceed to the Badlands and kill chucklems.