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Suitcase Advice, I Know It’s Boring, But Don’t Become a Victim!

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Suitcase Advice, I Know It’s Boring, But Don’t Become a Victim!

The boring old suitcase, I never thought I would be writing an article on something so unexciting and trivial. A few weeks ago I flew on a UK internal flight, from Aberdeen to Heathrow. Nothing too different during this journey, the usual BMI delay at the start of the flight.

The fun began when it was time to collect the luggage, all i can say is that someone working within the baggage handling at Heathrow must have been annoyed about something! As I was patiently waiting for my bag, I couldn’t help but notice there were not one but three suitcases that had been busted open and all the contents were coming along the conveyor belt. Another guy was almost in tears as he discussed the damage that had been done to his new very expensive hard silver Samsonite suitcase on its first journey.

I personally had a bad suitcase experience last year, when I was flying back to Canada, I was nearly Niagara Falls when it happened. I had just settled down to a very comfortable flight back to Toronto and was taking my suitcase on the plane. I was very relaxed as I watched what seemed to be thousands of other aircraft trailing off into the night beyond my bedroom window, when I noticed something moving in the darker recess beyond the plane. To my horror I realized it was my suitcase, still perfectly intact and carrying thousands of screws and holding the contents inside in place. The dark looking thing was moving very rapidly, like it was hurtling its way towards the earth, I could swear I could see steam coming out of its ears. As I got its attention I could see the suitcase was heavy, holding more weight than me what must have been several hundred pounds. I started to get my breathe and noticed some steam coming out of its ears, soon it was dizzying me. I could feel my stomach drop on the inside so I took a couple of deep breaths and managed to get myself back on the ground.

I got my suitcase back and opened it up to look at what I had caught my eye. To my utter relief, not only was it unharmed, but the contents were fully intact, not even a hint of any damage! Some soft drinks were in pristine condition, I poured a little more of the cold, clear contents over my salad, enjoying the cool feeling as it settled on the creases of my stomach.

I put the bag on the floor, and with the help of my handy side of the wall, managed to slide it under the seat in front of me until I could slide it over the end of the seat in front of me. With a heavy suitcase in hand, (not the bag I carry but a smaller one), and a laptop computer I was able to get quite a few things done. While this particular flight was flying through Toronto on its way from Vancouver to London, I was able to get some work done.

I was able to send emails to clients and work on my business deals while flying, finishing up in time for my pre-arranged meetings and appointments. In the end I was able to arrive home early, safely and early. The flight was uneventful, which is probably why I was able to make it on time.

To ensure your trip goes smoothly,

2. Choose a flight that is appropriate

There are plenty of flights in Central and Eastern Europe that have their passengers through Denver or Kinston, two cities that I regularly travel to both visit and base my companies from. If Kinston is too far from the city, consider Kinston or fly into Denver. If Kinston is too far from the lake, consider Kinston or fly into Ohio. The flight would have been farther, but my companies and I went farther. Plus, flying into Ohio once might have been less expensive than flying into Denver or Kinston twice.


3. Work with the right travel agent สล็อตเว็บตร

One of the most important things you need to do, when planning you trip, is choose the right travel agent for you travel needs. While experience has shown that online travel agents are the most efficient, or at least can be most convenient, it is also best to consult a few other travel agents before choosing online. Some all-inclusive travel agents such as travel agents gives theancers more flexibility and lower rates, they also have the ability to tailor the trip to each client’s needs while saving lots of money. Asking this question means also that the travel agent you work with understands your company and knows how to create a travel plan that will fit both your travel and business needs.

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One of the worst aspects of a trip is the travel- business; however, this aspect offers the biggest profit potential.